We are one of the few companies in New York using the best available Non-Intrusive Termite Inspection Device.  We will Eliminate All Termites For a Fraction Of The Cost comparing to other exterminators.  The best part, you will Receive 2 YEAR GUARANTEE on our work.  If for any reason, termites appear in areas we had previously treated within 24 months, we will come back to perform additional termite treatment, no questions ask and no fee.

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Boundary Exterminare Termite Inspection

We’ll inspect your home and garden.  You’ll receive a comprehensive and understandable report containing photos of your property to help you understand. Everything we do at Boundary Exterminare, is the use of various techniques  that minimizes pesticide use and maximizes results. Our people are trained and have years of field experience. You benefit from the people that Boundary Exterminare employs by our ability to diagnose your problems quickly and solve them with speed and precision in a safe and effective manner. Speed and precision with the use of today’s technology.

We use only today’s latest technology including the latest in battling termite infestation. We are only one of the few in New York to use Termatrac. The Termatrac T3i is an awesome tool that every pest professional doing termite work needs to have in his toolbox. In this age of going green we are among the few that can pinpoint termites and use less Chemicals. You will be bowled over by the fact that it can actually see termite movement. Termatrac T3i is the industry leading tool for Pest Control Professionals. Termite risk areas are easily identified using the Remote Radar Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide and/or the built in Moisture Sensor.

Boundary Exterminare has been specializing in termite inspections and treatments and started utilizing the newest technology. “For our company it began an odyssey in innovation. It has become a standard part of our equipment now and we couldn’t imagine doing our job without it.” The FLIR equipment, for example, has suitable resolution and thermal range to detect even very minor temperature differences and the Termatrac T3i will confirm activities. ’

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