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Over the course of several years, citizens of Queens NY have been plagued by a variety of problems. It is widely agreeable that pests and critters are the worst of the pack. There are innumerable pests out there that are more than capable of transforming your home into a nightmarish setting. The bed bug, which is parasitic, tends to be one of the most heinous. Once this critter has taken over your home, it will spread, attack you throughout the night, and make sleeping nearly impossible. The bad news is that bed bugs are very hardy and complicated to eliminate completely. The good news is that you have discovered one of the best bed bug exterminators in Queens NY!

We are undeniably one of the top bed bug exterminators in Queens NY and we have successfully eliminated bedbugs from countless dwellings, as well as many commercial establishment. Before we move any further, you should learn precisely how these critters infiltrate the home. Rest assured that it has nothing to do filth or unkemptness. Instead, the most common reasons will be explored below.

First, you should know that guests could easily transport bedbugs. If someone, who has been infested, enters your home it is almost certain that your home will also be infested.
• Bringing used furniture and clothing into your home may also be problematic. These bugs are capable of living and surviving in these items for an extensive period of time. Be careful, when purchasing used items.
• Spending a night in a hotel can also result in problems. If the hotel room is infested, the bugs will enter your clothing and luggage, which will then be transported to your home. Be sure to carefully wash and dry these items, before putting them away.


Sadly, it is truly possible for anyone to become a victim of bed bugs. Again, it has nothing to do with cleanliness, so you should not feel ashamed, if your home becomes infested. If you do suspect that your home is infested, you should take the time to definitely confirm their presence. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of things to look for.

Confirming the presence of bedbugs requires a simple glance at your body. Is your body covered with small, red lumps? If so, these may very well be bedbug bites and your home is likely infested.
• Next, you should inspect your bed, sheets and linen. Do you happen to see small brown stains? These marks are excrement and the bugs have left them behind. These stains may also be visible on the furniture throughout your bedroom.
• You can also implement your own smell test. Does the room smell abnormally musty? If so, you may be dealing with an infestation.
• Finally, you may want to setup a trap and capture a live bedbug. This is likely the most definite solution, but it can also be timely.

Cryonite® The Most Effective Treatment For Bed Bugs Exterminator in Queens NY.

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Cryonite® has been used extensively in Europe and Australia to kill many types of insect pests including Bed Bugs and German cockroaches.  Cryonite® is a non-toxic new treatment for bed bug exterminator to kill pesticide resistant bed bugs in QUEENS NY and most insect pests in all life stages by rapid freezing. The Cryonite machine sprays CO2 snow at -110º F.

The Cryonite® method uses the extreme cooling properties of liquid CO2 (carbon dioxide) to kill pests. In the system liquid CO2 is transformed into and exceptionally cold, dry ice snow, and freezes the pests to death. The CO2 snow is not poisonous and leaves no wet or gummy residues. As it freezes the pest and is non-chemical, there is no risk of pests developing a resistance to the treatment. The pure CO2 presents no risk of contamination, even in sensitive industries.

Where Is It Safe to Use the Cryonite System on Bed Bugs?

As Cryonite® is non-toxic and areas can be used immediately after treatment, Cryonite® can be used in many environments that were typically not suitable for toxic insecticides. Cryonite® can be used in all types of industries and areas and can be used to kill all types of pests not just bed bugs. It’s the need for pest control that decides if Cryonite® should be applied, not the type of area. Here are a few areas where Cryonite® can be used:

Residential Homes Cryonite Bed Bug Exterminator QUEENS NY
In homes, poison free treatments are welcome. Small children, elderly people, and pets (especially fish!) are some of the reasons. You don’t have to evacuate!  Cryonite® properties makes it very competitive to traditional, poisonous methods in many application areas.

Hotels, Motels, and Cruise Ships Cryonite Bed Bug Exterminator QUEENS NY
Rooms can be rented immediately after treatment with Cryonite®. Our treatment provides for maximum kill of pests allowing you to maximize occupancy rates by lowering the down time for infected rooms.

Hospitals & Nursing Homes Cryonite Bed Bug Exterminator QUEENS NY

One advantage of using Cryonite® here, is that the pests are killed instantly.

Boundary Exterminare is an Expert Bed Bug Exterminator services QUEENS NY area that includes Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

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If you’re looking for a highly skilled and reputable bed bug extermination company in Queens NY, you’ve come to the right place. Over the years, our company has successfully rectified a massive collection of bed bug infestations. Remember that these special pests require a special solution, which requires experience and skills to pull off. There is no better way to reclaim your home than by enlisting the help of a professional and reliable bed bug exterminator team in Queens NY!

Below, you will be able to find the top reasons to do business with our organization.

  • Our company completely understands how important it is for you to continue living your normal life. We have put together a unique service, which attempts to barely disrupt your work and family life. Our experts will never bother you, as they enter your home and perform their duty.  When enlisting the help of our bed bug treatments in Queens NY, you will be able to go about your regular day, without concern.
  • One of the biggest benefits of our services is the fact that they’re Organic and Environmental friendly. Once the goal has been achieved, you and your family will be able to return to your home, without any health concerns. You will also be able to invite your pets back inside, without problems!
  • Our bed bug experts in Queens NY will perform a complete and thorough inspection of your home, before they begin treatment procedures. This helps to ensure that the right treatment is selected and that you’re fine with the agreements.  Your home will be restored to normal, once the most effective treatment technique has been carried out.
  • Before making contact with our company, you should realize that bed bugs are not the result of uncleanliness. Even the cleanest homes in the world can be overrun with these critters. Still, we understand that you want to maintain your privacy, so we will do our best to conceal our purpose, when treating your home. This helps to assure that your neighbors never learn why we’re there!
  • Do not fret, because we offer nothing but professionalism and discretion. Our team understands that this is a difficult point in your life, which is why we tend to stand by you throughout this entire process and eradicate those pesky bedbugs once and for all.
  • While extermination fees are far from being cheap, you will find a variety of treatment options to select from. The Bed Bug Exterminators in Queens will sit down with you to devise a treatment plan that will be suitable for you and your financial budget. Our extermination crew will get in, get the job done in a timely, proficient manner, and get out quickly.

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We Are One Of The Best Bed Bug Exterminators Queens Has To Offer!

Over the years, a handful of exterminators have offered their services, within the Queens area. Although some of these companies have achieved their goals, our company is capable of doing the unthinkable. We are undeniably one of the top bed bug extermination companies in Queens and we’re more than willing to help! With our high-tech equipment and extensive training, we’ll be able to eliminate those bugs, without any difficulty. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of benefits associated with our business and services.

  • Our company has been in the industry for an extensive period of time. We’ve seen it all and we will not be caught off guard. Suffice to say, there isn’t a bed bug infestation that we cannot handle.
  • We only utilize the latest technology. Not only does this enhance the effectiveness of our services, but also it ensures that our techniques are safe. During the treatment, we will not incorporate the use of any harmful chemicals. In fact, you will be able to return to your home, as soon as the treatment process has concluded.
  • Our services are carried out in the most covert and discreet manner possible. Your neighbors will have no idea why we’re at your home, so they’ll never know about your bug problem.
  • Our company goes above and beyond to ensure that our customers receive the most convenient experience possible. During your home’s treatment, you will never be asked for assistance. Instead, you will be able to continue on your regular schedule, without interruptions. Once the day is done, you will be able to return home and enter a bedbug free environment once more.
  • Our technicians understand bedbugs better than anyone else. We are the top bed bug exterminator Queens has to offer and we understand that these bugs have nothing to do with filth. Rest assured knowing our technicians will treat you and your family with the upmost respect!

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Now that you’ve made it this far, you know all there is to know about bedbugs and our company. Once you’ve confirmed that your home is infested, you will want to take action immediately and there is no better way to do that than by making contact with one of representatives. Remember that our company is thoroughly trained and extensively experienced. Although we specialize in the eradication of bedbugs, we’re also capable of killing other bugs, including cockroaches, ants and mosquitoes.

Regardless of your problem, we highly recommend that you contact us today!

We’ll be able to help you reclaim your home and your sanity!

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