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Use prohibition and sanitation strategies to dispose of rodents in a safe and financially savvy way. The best long haul arrangement is to keep rodents out in any case. Measures, for example, fixing passage focuses keep rodents from entering structures and help you maintain a strategic distance from a full-scale intrusion.
Noticeable all around, floor covering, counter or organizer, each home imparts it’s assets to these minor, frequently inconspicuous intruders. Pesticides are accessible for most families, however these intense substance mixes might be more hurtful to you and the earth than the bugs.
There are three different types of termites: damp wood, dry wood, and subterranean. Damp wood termites generally live in areas that are heavily forested, whereas dry wood termites live in extremely dry wood and are rarely found in the US.
Through advances in termite control technologies, pest control operators have a wealth of highly effective tools to eliminate termites from structures just like yours.
When rats or mice are present in a building, attention must be given to interior as well as exterior rodent-proofing to remove all sources of shelter. A combination of actions is required in such instances, as no single effort is likely to yield the desired result.
Boundary Extreminare will customize a treatment for your needs to quickly and safely eliminate bed bugs from the infested room or area.
We aim to find the source of your mosquito problem, remove your unwanted guests with a combination of natural methods, and destroy their breeding source.
We are adept at dealing with the many different types of flies common to the NYC metropolitan area, so we can help you understand any fly-related health or sanitation risks.
The pesticides used for bees and wasp are extremely toxic to those insects, and only tiny amounts are needed for control, thus reducing exposure risk for people, pets, or wild life.
We figure out who ate a sticky snack on the couch, busting the person who wore muddy shoes into the house, and more importantly, identifying the entry point of an army of ants invading our house.

Boundary Exterminare can help you remove your Health Department Violations in your property by


CLEANING AREAS OF VIOLATIONS (such as restaurant kitchens)

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