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The management of Boundary Exterminare consists of licensed operators with over 20 years of experience in all areas of the pest control industry. We are active members of the Local, State, and National Pest Management Association, as well as a New York Pest Management Association and we are MBE certified.

We have found, after experimentation with the old and the new advancements, that as a rule our compelling non-chemical choices are the most helpful and practical strategies. One of our authorized inspectors will decide the best strategy for your circumstance. They will clarify the procedure and answer the majority of your inquiries, and in addition examine any arrangements that might be essential.

Prior to the inspection, the inspector will ask a series of inquiries to know more about the home’s history. The year a house was assembled, augmentations made to the home, past termite issues and any remediation utilized. This will help the overseer key in on particular territories of your home as they may have increased the probability of any termite action. Obviously, on the off chance that you have seen physical confirmation of movement, make sure to demonstrate the assessor where the suspected action is. So that the inspector can direct an exhaustive investigation of the site. We take exceptional consideration to detail the ranges of the home where termite movement is found. Your reviewer will make an intensive chart of your home, plotting vital basic points of interest that are basic when building up your treatment arrangement.

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